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THE POINT OF VANISHING is based on the true story of author Barbara Follett. On a December night in 1939 Barbara Follett fought with her husband and stormed out of their Boston home never to be heard from again. Now novelist Maryka Biaggio provides a captivating account of Barbara's enigmatic life—and disappearance.

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The Point of Vanishing is gripping. Biaggio breathes so much life into this haunting true story. Her characters will stay with you. ~Laura Smith, Author of The Art of Vanishing: A Memoir of Wanderlust

“At the age of twelve, Barbara Follet was a bestselling author. At the age of twenty-five, she disappeared. A superb telling of her little-known life, The Point of Vanishing captures the essential struggle of a woman intent on freedom and trapped by family and responsibility. Rich in detail and piercing in its portrayals, the novel captures the yearning to be one’s own self, to travel the world, to think broadly, to live. And it asks: Is the sacrifice of that self worth the price?” ~Kim Taylor Blakemore, Amazon bestselling author of After Alice Fell

“Blending known facts with intriguing conjecture,
The Point of Vanishing tells the raw, gripping story of a young woman’s struggle to carve out a life for herself at a time when women had little power to do so. From the story of one woman’s hope to her startling end, Biaggio’s tale sparkles with life, freedom, and what it means to dream.” ~Tonya Mitchell, author of A Feigned Madness